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Mario Block Jump
Try to reach the princess by destrying the blocks. You must do the perfect combination of block breaking.

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At MarioGame.Info we seek to provide you one site with huge amounts of entertaining content where you can play all of your favorite Super Mario Games available on the Net. If there are any Super Mario Games you would like us to add please email us at . We are not a partner of Nintendo and you should be sure to buy Nintendo Console games in order to support this great company who for years have been entertaining us.

In the middle of 1985 the first Mario game came out in Japan, and later in the United States. Mario is one of the most famous Character in video games, and although he has already been a secondary character in some games, it did not stop Mario from being the Main Character in his own Mario games. Since the early days we were presented with pixilated designs from the NES Version of Super Mario, and not so smooth graphics, but since the arrival of Nintendo 64 we have been pleasantly playing on 3D worlds and unbelievable visual effects that make playing Mario games even more addictive and fun. was created to bring everyone the memory and fun time of playing Mario games on your favorite browser on any pc without mayor software and hardware required to run these games, just as simple as click and play all day at home, school and even office! If you think you are addicted to Mario games just look at us, we are Mario fanatics! We are always looking to bring you the best and latest Mario games out there available today on the net! If you ever find one you would like us to add you can surely email us!

We have one of the best Mario games, Including Super Mario Flash, A great version of the original super Mario for Snes; Super Smash Flash a replica of the Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 64; Super Mario Bros 3, the emulated version on Java ; Super Mario Crossover, fight as Mario and many other characters on many Super Mario world maps; Mario Star Catcher, a great flash game where you need to catching stars within the time limit, and plenty of more. We also have some great Mario Resources like music, videos, icons and tons of graphics. We are continuously adding games and content as soon as they come out, you can notify us via twitter! Thanks for being a loyal fan of!

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